Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Auto-podcast proof of concept

Last night I was visualizing a way to enhance blogging by combining it with podcasting automatically. My thought is to have a podcast file created in .mp3 format upon posting to a blog. You would post your text to the blog and then have some type of script convert the text to speech and save the output as an .mp3 file; instant podcast! I'll also need some way to have the podcast included in an RSS feed as an enclosure; again an automatic function would be ideal.
To test the concept, I downloaded a trial version of 2nd Speech Center. Once installed, I copied the text of a previous post and the application immediately read it back to me. The application can also output the text to speech in .mp3, which I did. Granted, there are more advanced speech applications out there, so it sounded very mechanical. However, I still believe this could be a good way to "cross-market" blogs, both in a textual way as well as an audio delivery. More to follow as I think this through. If Blogger allowed me to host files here, I would upload each post as an .mp3 after typing it. Unfortunately, that's not an option so once I find a place to host the files, I'll drop a note.

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