Friday, October 01, 2004

Daily Digital Dose (10/1) - read an eBook

Today I read part of a digital eBook on my Toshiba e805. It's very handy to have one (or a hundred!) books in the palm of your hand. The text is very readable and you flip the "pages" simply by pressing a button or scrolling with a jog wheel. Want to know how it's done and what you need?

I use the eReader software from Palm Digital Press. The software is available for Palm organizers, Windows Mobile handheld devices and even for you laptop or desktop. You don't need a handheld to read eBooks! I use eReader simply because I've found that they handle the DRM, or Digital Rights Management issue the best from a consumer's point of view. DRM is necessary to protect the rights of the authors and to ensure that they are paid for their work.

eReader utilizes the credit card number you used to purchase your eBook to "unlock" the DRM content. This allows you to move your books from one device to another using a single piece of information that is unique to you. Other methods from other software providers utilize various registration methods and simply are too complicated for us, the consumer.

I've gone almost 100% to eBooks over the past two years for a few reasons. One, the books are generally cheaper. Two, it's very convenient to carry a book with you any where you go in a digital format. Three, if I wanted to publish any content, I can easily create and electronically distribute my work using free add-ons to the reader software. If you haven't read an eBook, drop a few bucks for a book, install the free reader and give it a digital read!

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At 10/04/2004 10:53 PM, Blogger James Kendrick said...

And four- ebooks in ereader format can be used on both the PPC and the desktop without changing the DRM.


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