Saturday, October 02, 2004

Daily Digital Dose (10/2) - Take care of your lawn

Since I moved into a new home last December, my lawn isn't what it should be. The lot was hydroseeded in May, which is not the ideal time for growing grass. NOW is the ideal time, so I've purchased enough seed and starter fertilizer to overseed. I also aerated last weekend to get more air and water down to the roots of the grass.

"So", you ask, "what exactly is digital about all of this?" Glad you asked! In order to grow grass successfully, you need cool temperatures and water. I use a free program called Weatherbug that provides me with all of the data I need for real time weather as well as weather forecasts, radar, etc.

Weatherbug is linked to the National Weather Service and also has several thousand of it's own weather related data collection stations for real time weather. All you do is enter your zip code and Weatherbug does the rest. For example, at this exact moment, I can see the weather at the local school, which is less than 2 miles away. The wind is currently blowing at 1MPH from the SW, the temp is 63.8 degrees. There's oodles more info, but you get the idea.

I have also signed up for a free reminder service from Scotts, the lawn care company. Again, just provide a little information such as your e-mail address and zip code. Once you do that, Scotts will send you lawn care reminders that are specific to your area of the country.

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