Monday, October 04, 2004

Daily Digital Dose (10/4) - Post to a blog via e-mail

Starting a blog (or weblog) is very simple.  I had this one up and running in less than 30 minutes.  One of the interesting aspects of posting to a blog is that some of the blog hosts support mobile posting; in this case, via e-mail.  As a test, I'm creating this particular post in Microsoft Outlook and then sending it to a certain e-mail address that is linked to my blog. 
You don't need to know any programming, HTML or any other scripting language to run your own blog, although it does help if you want to add any "extras".  For example, I added HTML to show links of websites I visit as well as the current eBook that I'm reading.  If nothing else, you can try to add HTML and learn it in the process.  Some blog's are run as free services (such as, which I'm using) while others have a small recurring monthly fee that varies depending on the services you require.
While some of the advanced features are nice, I've decided to go the "free" route for now.  Hey, even for free, I can post to this blog from anywhere in the world that has e-mail capability!

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At 10/04/2004 10:24 PM, Blogger James Kendrick said...

Isn't blogging a blast? :) My blog is Movable Type based and there's a free program I also use to make posts while mobile. It's called SharpMTt and there's even a Pocket PC version.


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