Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Daily Digital Dose (10/5) = Advanced - Podcasting & Ipodding

Today's DDD is more of an advanced brush with the digital world. However, as with any advanced level of effort, there's usually a higher level of value associated, so don't be shy about trying something beyond the basics!
Digital music is fairly common now, having originated in the mainstream with the Compact Disc back in the early 1980's. Today there are a plethora of digital audio formats; the more common being mp3, WMA, aac and ogg. Each of these is uses a different compression technique to store your audio files and each has it's own pros and cons; most of which are personal preferences.
So what is Podcasting? Podcasting is a brand new way to share information much like blogs. Think of the technique as an audio-blog. Anyone can publish their thoughts via voice recording (rather than text like you're reading now) for the public to download on demand. These audio blogs can then be listened to on just about any audio platform; laptop/desktop, handheld device, iPod or any other digital audio player. You can pull down these audio feeds with software from Ipodder.
Conceptually, think of what you can do. You can find ipodder "feeds" that can be downloaded while you're sleeping and synchronized over to a portable audio player before you leave for work so you can listen to what you want, when you want it throughout the day.

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Source: JKOnTheRun.

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