Thursday, October 07, 2004

Daily Digital Dose (10/7) - listen to digital music

OK, so I alluded to a "digital audio device" in my recent Ipodder note. A digital audio player is more commonly known as an mp3 player. They can be flash based or hard drive based. Flash based players essentially have no moving parts which is one advantage; there are no moving parts to wear out or break. The down side is that they typically have much less storage space and therefore you can't fit as many songs on them. My first player was flash based and contains 64MB of storage. I can fit roughly 2 hours of music on my Creative MuVo.

I've since upgraded to a hard drive based player, my Dell DJ jukebox. The Dell DJ can store 15GB of music and data, roughly 5,000 songs which is much more than 2 hours of music on my MuVo! I can save audio files (such as Podcasts), data, and complete albums in MP3 or WMA format. I tend to use the WMA format as my ears prefer the sound of WMA's over MP3 at the same bitrate. Literally my entire CD collection is stored on my Dell DJ and I have about 11GB to spare. My complete music collection is the palm of my hand, ready to listen to whenever and wherever I go.

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