Tuesday, October 26, 2004

DDD (10/26) - Live NASCAR race radio and car telemetry

Today's Daily Digital Dose is timely; if you're a NASCAR fan like me, that is. Each year, I susbscribe to Trackpass through Nascar.com. Trackpass extends my viewing a NASCAR race beyond just my television set by enhancing the experience. With Trackpass, I use the Internet to get live in car audio from the race radio of my favorite driver (Rusty Wallace, in case you were curious). You can set Trackpass to scan for just your driver's race radio or it can hop through each driver as they call in to their crew chief and pit crew.

Trackpass also shows live in-car telemetry so you view the actual level of gas pedal and brake pedal of your favorite driver. You can view where your driver is on the track, which is a nice use of GPS and even get second by second updates on how far behind the leader he or she is. Trackpass is free during a 14 day trial and now that the NASCAR season is about to wrap up, I recommend you give it a try. If you're a NASCAR fan, you will absolutely love Trackpass!

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