Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Doppler = possibly the best "podcatcher" yet

I downloaded Release Candidate (RC) 1 of Doppler this evening. It's a small program, roughly 276kb and has all of the features a Windows user would want for pulling Podcasts. Keep in mind that as an RC, it is still in beta and may have some bugs. Doppler provides two key features I was looking for: the ability to pull Podcasts at various intervals and the choice of what download directory to save the Podcasts. With Doppler, all I need to do is tell it what Podcasts to pull and I can synchronize them automatically to my Toshiba e805.

Doppler supports what I would consider advanced features as well. Instead of typing the URL of an RSS feed, you can drag and drop it right into the Doppler client. You can also configure how many of the most recent Podcasts to pull from a publisher, such as only the last one or two. In addition, it supports filtering by file size. If you don't want download any Podcasts over 50MB, for example, you can tell Doppler not to do so.
Overall, I think Doppler is currently the best "podcatcher" available. It is listed as shareware and I've sent an e-mail to the developer asking what the application may cost.
Click the post title for additional information on Doppler.

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