Friday, October 01, 2004

Gadgets galore (Part 1 of many)

"It's a digital world", he says. OK, but what does that mean? To help answer that question, this post starts a sample list of devices and tools I use along with some thoughts on how I use them.

Toshiba e805 Windows Mobile device.

My "Tosh" is with me wherever I go. It's always within an arm's reach when it's not in my hand or my pocket. The Tosh is roughly 3" wide, 5" tall and about three quarters of an inch thick. This device is easy to carry around and provides so much functionality.

First it was the first PocketPC with a 4" diagonal screen capable of VGA resolution. All PocketPC's prior had QVGA screens, meaning the screen shows 320 pixels vertically and 240 pixels horizontally. The Tosh can show 640 pixels by 480 pixels. Although that sounds like twice as many pixels, it's actually 4 times as many. (I'll let you do the math!). What this means is that the clarity is outstanding, which is a key feature of a handheld type computer.

Secondly, the Tosh runs on the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system, which is a subset of Windows CE . As a result, it's fully compatible with other Windows applications we use every day. Specifically, I can run mobile versions of Word, Excel and Outlook. This gives me the capability to write a Word document at work and then carry it around for later use on my Tosh. I can edit the document on my Tosh and have it sent to desktop and laptop users to read in Word. This is a great feature for carrying around tons of important paperwork in a small form factor.

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