Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Gadgets galore = SPOT Watch

Earlier this year, various watch manufacturers introduced a watch in conjunction with Microsoft. The watch is the first of what Microsoft expects to be many devices that are SPOT enabled. SPOT stands for Smart Personal Object Technology and while new, this technology has plenty of potential. My SPOT watch is an Abacus model made by Fossil and cost me $99 after rebates. I pay an annual fee of $59 to Microsoft for personalized content sent to my watch via FM radio.

What kind of content can you get on SPOT watch? There are various "channels"; all of which are personalized to me. On my watch, I get local weather details and forecasts, sports information on the teams of my choice, local & national news, stock information and more. All of this is on my wrist at the touch of button. As if that wasn't enough, the watch also has any appointments I have in Microsoft Outlook & I also receive Instant Messages up to 100 characters on it. The watch sets itself to the U.S. Atomic clock, even if I change time zones. My Abacus also has about 10 different watch "faces" which I can change depending on my mood.
I've found the watch a great way to stay connected to the digital world when I'm on the run. My hope is that Microsoft finds new ways to embed SPOT technology into other usable personal devices.

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