Tuesday, October 26, 2004

New term for wikipedia: "Podcast-bashing"

Shame on you John Dvorak! In PC Magazine yesterday, you just trashed the whole Podcasting movement in a way that shows you really don't understand it from your very first paragraph:
"Every so often someone comes up with a new idea that depends upon another not fully developed new idea. So the two ideas get put together and also get a cool name. This is followed by a manic period where the new idea is extolled as the next big thing, and nutjobs run around like dogs released from the kennel yapping about how great it is. In this fashion, we have been introduced to podcasting—the next big thing. Too bad it's a kludge that doesn't work as advertised unless you have a Macintosh and an iPod."
I could go on and on and point out all of the incorrect statements, but then that would take too much of my valued blog space; frankly, your ill-informed opinion isn't worth the bytes I would waste.

The fact is: Podcasting is a simple mechanism to record, deliver, receive and hear an audioblog. There are a number of informative feeds and even some that are mainstream broadcasts jumping on board before the train passes by. Looks like you stayed on the train one stop too long.
For the truly bored who are looking for a "what not to write" example, click the post title for Dvorak's full text. Then send him a note.

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