Thursday, October 21, 2004

Samsung's 5MP camera phone; convergence success?

Convergence; you're either for it or against it.  I tend to be against it, mainly because I don't often see it successfully done.  Why should I pay extra for more functions in a device when each of those functions is watered down from a single use device?  Take camera phones for example.  We have a 5MP digital camera, which is more than good enough for our use.  It takes great pictures and is simple to use.  Now take a cellular phone with a 1MP camera.  Sure, it's convenient to have a camera in the phone, but I'm used to the photo quality of the camera, so to me this is a convergence failure.  Samsung may have changed my mind today however.  They announced a 5MP camera phone, which is more appealing to me.  I would give up a 5MP camera if I could get a simple to use same resolution camera in my phone.  To me, that's the true measure of convergence success.  What do you think about convergence?  Love it or hate it?

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