Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Yahoo! upgrades custom MyYahoo! portal

Aside from the RSS aggregators posted a few days ago, custom web portals are a great way to manage your view of Internet content.  I've had a custom MyYahoo! page for roughly three years and I've continued to keep it as one of my main "Home" pages.  For IE users, you're probably saying, "Wait, you can only have one home page"....watch this space over the next few days for IE alternatives that allow multiple home pages.
MyYahoo! was updated today, providing additional functionality that was previously in beta, such as: additional news, blog & RSS feeds for content, a better search interface, easier ways to add content (such as the "Add to MyYahoo!" button I posted about a few days ago), and simpler methods to arrange your page.  There are plenty of new features, so rather than rattle them off here just click here for the full scoop!

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