Monday, November 29, 2004

Change in eBook: Left Behind

It's been a quick 10 days and I've devoured "Morgawr" from Terry Brooks. Terry continues this story in a new series, but only two of the books are out, so I think I'll give him a chance to catch up to me and write a few more novels. Today I picked up an eBook that I've read a few times before, but now the entire series of 12 books is available; the "Left Behind" series from Tim LaHaye and Jerry P. Jenkins. Tim is a novelist while Jerry is both a biblical expert and prophetic scholar according to I'll say right up front that I'm not what you would call a formally spiritual person. However, this series is a very intriguing fictional piece based on the final chapters of the Bible and how they might apply to today's world.. What's amazing is that to someone like me (again someone who doesn't formally practice religion on a regular basis), this story really makes you think. It makes you question. It pulls you right in to the point where you can't put the book down. In short, it's both a very enjoyable read and a thought provoking experience, even if you don't have a religious bone in your body. For what it's worth, click the post title to view excerpts of the series and see what you think. Then check back in here and share your thoughts.

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