Thursday, November 11, 2004

DDD (11/11) - Put useful widgets on your desktop

Three days ago, Konfabulator was released for the Windows platform. Konfabulator is a JavaScript runtime engine that provides small useful applets. You can configure and create your own applets if you know a little XML and JavaScript. So what's a widget? Widgets are small applications that have a very specific purpose. In the screenshot below you can see two widgets that I've added to my desktop; one is my local weather and one is a calendar.

There are literally hundreds of widgets available once you've installed Konfabulator, ranging from clocks to stock tickets to RSS headline feeds. The install package is approximately 8.1MB and runs on Windows 2000 or Windows XP. It's a simple install and even easier to add or configure widgets. What was once only available for the Mac is now on the Windows platform, so pull the free download and see what you think! There is also a 142 page reference manual in Adobe Acrobat that explains how to create widgets, so be creative and hone your programming skills.
Click the post title for more information on Konfabulator.

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