Monday, November 15, 2004

DDD (11/15) - Extend an MP3 player (1 of 3)

Whether you own an iPod, a MuVo, a Yepp or a Dell DJ (like me!), you can extend an digital audio player beyond the headphones that came with it. Starting today, I'll show you three ways to share your mega-music collection with others. The first way is by a simple hook up to a stereo receiver that you probably already own.

For $6 or less at your local RadioShack you can purchase what's called a "Y-adapter". I show it next to my Dell DJ in the photo. The bottom end fits into your headphone jack, while the other two ends connect to RCA jack wires that are attached to your stereo inputs. One is for the left channel and one is for the right channel. For a small price, you can connect and play your entire digital audio collection through your more powerful stereo component.
Click the post title for a link to the part you need from RadioShack.

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