Tuesday, November 16, 2004

DDD (11/16) - Track an airplane in flight

One the best aspects of a digital world is accessibility of information. Some of it is useless of course, and too much of it is equally ineffective. Having access to just what you need however, is where the power of the digital world comes in. Have you ever expected family or friends to fly in for a visit and wonder exactly where they are? You can do just that with a number of flight trackers on the web.

This example is from CheapTickets.com; to access their flight tracker just click on the post title. You can see the speed of the plane, the altitude and more. This information could be used for foul play (or worse), so you're actually not getting the EXACT information. This "exactness" of readily available information is certainly a concern; the wrong people with the right technical skills can get more information than most of us would want. However, you can get a very good idea of where your favorite travelers are and where they are headed with a flew clicks in the digital world.

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