Thursday, November 04, 2004

DDD (11/4) - "Hire" a personal trainer

Want to work out, get in shape or lose that gut? You can do it on the web! Well, sort of....I'm the kind of person that likes a structured workout and schedule. So I did a little research and found what I wanted from Men's Health; the Men's Health Personal Trainer!

This on-line application has a 10 day free trial and costs $5.99 per month, which is downright reasonable. Here's how it works in 3 simple steps:
1. You answer a bunch of questions such as what type of training you want to do, what results are you looking for (get fit, get strong, etc...), what days of the week you can work out and how long you want your workouts to be.
2. You enter some measurements like weight, bodyfat, waist, etc...
3. You tell the program what type of equipment you have and what your max bench press is, your max curl and\or how many pushups you can do.

That's it! The application will give you a customized on-line workout, complete with short videos showing you how to do each exercise. Once you complete a workout, you enter your results and the application will automatically adjust your next workouts up or down, depending on what you did! It's that simple and the price is right so give your mouse and keyboard a this post title for a sample preview of the application. Look for the "Take the Tours" section.

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