Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Dell X50v has arrived!

Way to go, Dell! I took advantage of the one day deal on the X50v one week ago and sure enough, Mr. UPS delivered it today! As I indicated last week, this new handheld is calling for a new approach in how I manage it's configuration. It's all too easy to just install trial program after trial program only to find that you've used up your precious memory. And then there's the burning question of "Uh, oh; when was the last time I did a backup?" every so often. Sure, you can just re-sync your Outlook data, but what about all of those eReader books, software unlock codes and fun Today screen plug ins?

I've been in the IT industry for 10 years now, and it's about time to take some of those business lessons learned and apply them to the home computing environment. I think I'll start with the Dell Axim and see how it goes. If that works, then perhaps it's worth applying to the rest of the home network like the wireless router, the desktop, the laptop, etc.... My simple (but hopefully effective approach is shown here in Excel. Just some basic configuration management logs with the information I need to fully understand what I've done to my hardware!

More to follow on the new Dell as we get acquainted....I hope my Toshiba e805 doesn't get TOO jealous!

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