Monday, November 15, 2004

Does Microsoft tip hand for future SPOT Watch channels?

Apparently, Microsoft doesn't like me. I've been one of the biggest evangelists for the SPOT Watch platform, but the only conversation they have with me has to do with my account billing. According to SPOTStop, a SPOT Watch enthusiast site, Microsoft has sent a survey asking about potential new features. I never got one, but the questions are sure interesting. Here's a sampling of a few items that Microsoft polls for interest:

"Watch Face Builder: Create your own watch faces on your PC and then put them on your watch"
KCT: It would be fun at first, but hey, we're talking about the time here. You can only do so much.

"TV Schedule: Daily TV schedule, alerts for TV specials, and reminders for your favorite shows"
KCT: Bah...been there done that. Check out my tutorial at

"Multi-Player Games: Play interactive games with other Smart Watch users within close range."
KCT: Sounds like fun but I'm near Philadelphia and the closest SPOT user I know is near Boston!

"Don't wait for broadcast updates. Download your MSN Direct content from your PC using a USB connection"
KCT: Why am I paying $60 per year to get the FM signal updates again???

"Download a watch face that displays abbreviated content from up to three MSN Direct channels, in addition to date and time. For example you could view the time, your company's stock quote, tonight's weather forecast and your next calendar appointment all on the same screen"
KCT: My eyes are bad enough; I wouldn't go any smaller on the watch face that we already have.

All kidding aside, while I'm not on the edge of my seat for any of these features, the SPOT concept is truly a good one. There was even one or two questions asking about receiving RSS feeds through the SPOT Watch, but again, they were through a direct connection to the PC; not via the FM broadcast. Although I didn't get this survey, this does show that Microsoft is committed to extending the SPOT platform towards consumer preferences. OK, I have to go check my e-mail....that survey HAS to be sitting in my Inbox by now! ;>)

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