Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Firefox 1.0 released

Mozilla Firefox 1.0 was released today as an alternative to Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser. I've previewed this web client for about a month and I'm nothing short of impressed. I had previously stopped using IE in lieu of AvantBrowser but as of today, I'm making the switch to Firefox.

There are tons of great functions in Firefox, but I'd like to focus on one specifically because I think the developers really understand where the web is headed; RSS & XML. Firefox integrates RSS subscriptions right into the browswer as shown in the screenshot above. On the left side you can see that I've subscribed to JKOnTheRun as well as my blog. The headlines appear in the left frame and you can have one (or all) of them open up in the browser; one tab for each headline story. This can save tons of time when scanning through headlines for those of interest. By integrating this right into the browser, you can quickly find feeds that are of interest and a quick click opens the full web page.
Firefox is a 4.5 MB download and well worth it the FREE price. Since IE appears to be the focus of so many attacks and viruses, I'm going with a more functional browser: Firefox! Click the post title to get Firefox.

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