Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Halo 2 has arrived & it's kicking my butt!

Halo2, successor to the best selling title for XBox arrived in stores today. I've spent about 30 minutes with it so far and it's incredible. I'm actually stuck at one particular point, but it doesn't help that my neighbor set the game up on "Legendary", which is the hardest way to play. This title was definitely worth the wait and I applaud Bungie for taking the time to do this right; even if it meant months of delays.

I haven't tried this on my XBox Live! account just yet but the potential for new Live! subscribers is just what Microsoft is hoping for. I've heard accounts that this game had sold 1.5 million copies in pre-orders and by dawn this morning, another 200,000 copies were sold. Microsoft has finally put out a game that will increase their Live! subscriber base. At a cost of $59 per year, Microsoft has found another way to bring in subscription dollars on a recurring basis. I give them $60 for my Live! account and another $60 for my SPOT Watch content. The business model is clear; control the content and make tons of cash....

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