Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Initial dislikes of the Axim X50v

I usually start my product thoughts and reviews with the positives, but this time I think I'll reverse that. There are a tremendous number of positives to cover on my new Dell Axim X50v, so I'll be sure to make up for these few negative impressions.

1. While the 3.7" VGA display is crisp and clear, I'm not impressed with how hard I have to tap the screen for input. It appears that I have to put some minor force into my taps; I'll be searching the web for others to confirm or deny.
2. The screen is very shiny and reflective, more than I've seen on other PDA's. However, a matte finish screen protector will certainly help.
3. There is no divider between the SD card slot and the CF card slot, which makes it all to easy to miss the slot. Since the slots are so close, I also find it difficult to push the SC card so that the internal spring release will pop the card out.
4. I'm used to having more RAM than flash ROM. The Dell features 64MB of RAM and 128MB of ROM. I'm considering the use of the flash ROM for all of my program installation.
5. This one is totally nitpicky. When I had a Dell Axim X5, the cradle glowed blue when the unit was synching. Dell carried this on with the X3 and X30 models, but dropped it on the X50; an aesthectic design loss.

These are my first impressions after only a day with the unit. Of course, I will give the unit equal time on the positive side. So far I'm very happy with my purchase however, I wanted to present a few "gotcha's" right up front. Stay tuned!

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