Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Major lag time in blog posts

Just a quick update that I'm experiencing a small issue with my blog. One of the nicer features of Blogger is that you can post from e-mail; just send your post via e-mail to a special e-mail account and voila! your post will be added to the blog. It's an invaluable feature to me because I'm not always able to log in to my blog depending on where I am. Many places (especially in the corporate world) block any sites that are blogs or blog-like. I'm looking into the issue, but until I do, you may notice a 1 to 2 day lag in posts.
As a quick heads up to what I expect to see later today on my blog (since I e-mailed the posts yesterday!):
1. Another "podcast-bash" sighting in a major web site and my response to it.

2. A timely comment on the presidential candidate websites (well it's only timely if it gets posted today!) and a reminder to vote.
Thanks for your patience and understanding!

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