Monday, November 15, 2004

Minor Blog update; addition of SETI stats

I've added another new link on this blog to show my SETI stats. What is SETI, you ask? SETI stands for the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence and although it's a project run out of UCal Berkeley, I think my local electric company has a stake in it; I leave my PC's running 7x24 because of SETI!

SETI basically is a distributed computing project that chops up radio telescope data and sends small packets of that data for hundreds of thousands of PC's to process. The PC's then send the results back where they are re-assembled and a new packet is sent. I'm currently close to being in the top 1% of all packet crunchers. SETI has over 5 million members so basically, that tells me that I've used more electricity that 99% of the other participants! If you would like to donate some of your PC time to SETI, click the post title.

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