Wednesday, November 10, 2004

More Pocket PC's sold than Palms!

For the first time ever, more Pocket PC devices were sold than Palm devices in a given quarter according to Brighthand today. Palm actually started the handheld revolution with the introduction of their Palm Pilot 1000 back in 1996, a time when Palm was owned by U.S. Robotics. The device had a whopping 128KB of RAM. Today, the average Pocket PC has roughly 64MB of RAM as a comparison!
It's been a long ride since 1996; Microsoft offered Windows CE 1.0 to the handheld market and 6 manufacturers built devices to support it; the HP hx300LX and the Philips Velo 1.0 were the first available CE devices. Ever since then, Palm has enjoyed a majority of the market share for handhelds, but Microsoft devices have slowly closed the gaps.

In my opinion, there are several reasons that Microsoft powered devices will eventually overtake Palm and other devices in the market:
1. Microsoft has capitalized on their dominance in the Office productivity software area by allowing their devices to easily support and synchronize with e-mail, word processors, spreadsheets and more.
2. Microsoft has embraced audio and visual media playback as a staple of the handheld device.
3. VGA support (640x480) is supported by the Windows Mobile operating system alone.

Click the post title for the full story as reported by Brighthand.

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