Tuesday, November 02, 2004

More podcast bashing...don't they get it?

Last week it was John Dvorak.  This week it's Sean Gallagher's story at eWeek called, "Invasion of the Podcasters": "Don't get me wrong. Podcasting itself--the act of publishing a set of audio files via a syndication technology such as RSS. which can be subscribed to and automatically downloaded to an iPod or other MP3 playback device--is not the problem. It's the best thing since "rip, mix and burn" for do-it-yourself media distribution.....But in the hands of some bloggers, it becomes deathly boring. Or worse--it becomes deathly boring and fills up your iPod to the point that you can't download the U2 digital box set without erasing all those bootlegs you had of the ZooTV tour."
What folks fail to realize is that podcasting (or any other dynamic medium) is all about two key points: simple delivery & choice of content.  Podcasting at it's base core is just simple audio recording.  You can jazz it up if you want to, you can use a full production studio if you have one, or you can just record your thoughts.  My test of text-to-speech blogging is a simple example.  The point is that the podcasting initiative has provided for simple delivery of your programming choices through RSS.  Sean, if you're filling up you're iPod with crap, my guess is that you've chosen to subscribe to that crap.  I'd recommend you review your subscription choices rather than focus on the amateurs that are choosing to express themselves to anyone who will listen.  Give 'em a chance and if you don't like their format, don't listen anymore!  You thoughts are analogous to this ludicrous statement: "Tivo has to go because my hard drive is filling up with so much television junk!  PVR's are a flash in the pan!".  It's just not true....don't you get it?

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