Tuesday, November 30, 2004

MS Money for PPC

Microsoft has published the PocketPC companion to their popular MS Money 2005 software. If you have a PocketPC or Windows Mobile device and you use MS Money for your finances, take a look at this free download.

It's extremely useful to always have all of your financial information available at the touch of a button when you're on the go. With the PPC version of MSMoney, you can do just that. The PPC version will automatically synchronize with your accounts on your laptop or desktop running MS Money. I've stopped carrying checkbooks and rarely carry cash these days. Just a credit card or two and my Windows Mobile device running MS Money is all I need to know exactly how much money I have and where I have it. If I'm out on the town and pay for something, I just enter the transaction on my mobile device and it will automatically synch that transaction to my home computer the next time I attache the device. I can even glance at my investments and retirement accounts. MS Money is one of the best Microsoft developed applications for the Pocket PC based on the ease of use and importance to useful functionality.

MS Money 2005 for PPC is a 1.5MB download and requires 500KB of free space on your Pocket PC 2002/2003 device. To get the free download, just click on the post title. Let me know when you've made your first million by managing your money using MS Money; and don't be shy about sharing the wealth! ;>)

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