Tuesday, November 16, 2004

A new handheld calls for a new approach

With 12 minutes to spare, I pulled the trigger on a great deal from Dell today. I was able to purchase their current top of the line handheld, the Axim X50v at 30% off. This means I'll be holding an official going away party for my Toshiba e805; it's just been so good to me....more than I deserve! I spent $599 on the Toshiba back in February of this year and have never regretted it. The Tosh was the first VGA capable device on the market and I believe that fact has driven some of the other manufacturers like HP and Dell to create their own VGA devices. Over the upcoming week, I plan to post some lessons learned from using my Tosh. I hope this will avoid some of the minor issues I had with the device; all of which were my own undoing. In the meantime, a similar article is available now at PocketPC Magazine; click the post title for the article. In this article, PPCMag editor Rich Hall writes up "10 Ways to Make a Good Thing Better":
"Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Smartphones are designed to be self-sufficient devices with all the basics built in and ready to go, but no single Pocket PC can be everything to everybody. Fortunately, independent developers have worked hard to create hardware and software products that help you customize your Windows Mobile device and turn it into a truly "personal" digital assistant. This article looks at some of these solutions. We've organized it not by individual products (there are far more than ten) but by topics: the 10 ways you might want to improve your Windows Mobile device. Then we list some "no cost" and (relatively) "low cost" hardware and software you can use to accomplish this. I couldn't resist adding a few tips to some of the sections."

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