Thursday, November 04, 2004

Publication news: Pocket PC Magazine

A little less than a month ago, I whipped up a quick tutorial on how to get Podcasts on your Windows Mobile device. It appeared that Podcasting would quickly catch on as a delivery medium, so I tried to build on the momentum of my tutorial and pitch it to a print magazine. The first magazine I sent it to was Pocket PC Magazine, which is a bi-monthly publication that sells roughly 60,000 copies per issue. After explaining the story idea and getting feedback from great friends in the community, it appears that the article will be published!

I'm not yet sure if I made the deadline for the next issue, but if I did, it will be out on newstands towards the end of December. The article is generally based on the tutorial I wrote and features the Doppler application for pulling Podcasts. Cross your fingers that I made the deadline and be sure to check the newstands for Pocket PC Magazine! Thanks to Paul M. at work and especially James at JKOnTheRun for your feedback and support. A special thanks to Barbara for her patience and support; I am truly fortunate.

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At 11/04/2004 10:09 PM, Blogger James Kendrick said...

You go, boy! You did all the work, my part was easy. Just be prepared to feel really good when you get that first magazine in your hands with your article in it. :)


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