Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Dead laptop provides fun project

My workhorse of a laptop died last month. I had a bulky, but effective, Gateway 400SL laptop with a 40 GB drive and the power supply just finally quit. The battery hadn't retained much of a charge over the past year and now the unit won't even start up on AC power. It tries for about 2 seconds, but then dies. Where others see dead-end, I see opportunity! I'm going to take the unit apart so I can get at the data on the 2.5" hard drive. I've got my entire CD collection on the drive as well as tons of personal data that I need. My project will be to operate on the laptop, remove the drive and place the drive in this $14.99 hard drive enclosure from Tiger Direct.

Once I get the hard drive in the enclosure, I can get at my data through the USB interface. Afer I have the data transferred, I should be able to format the drive and have a portable 40GB storage device, but we'll see. If anyone has any other ideas or uses, drop me a note. In the meantime, I'll take pictures of the surgery and post details and results.

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