Thursday, December 30, 2004

FCC approves new PPC phone from Asus

Brighthand reported earlier today that the FCC has approved a new Pocket PC Phone Edition from Asus. The new model is dubbed the Asus P505 and runs on the GSM\GPRS cellular network in the United States:

"The P505 will run Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC Phone Edition. At this point, it isn't clear if it will use the latest version of this operating system, which would give its display support for both portrait and landscape modes.
It will use a 416 MHz Intel PXA270 processor and have 64 MB of RAM. It will also include an SD/SDIO slot for additional storage."

The device looks like a half-flip type phone, where the numeric keypad covers part the screen, but folds down for speaking and viewing the full screen. I like this type of design because you can customize the Today screen to view the items important to you in the area that's always viewable. I also looked at the FCC site to see other external photos of the device and there is a 1.3MP camera on the back. No thumb-board or QWERTY keypad, so you'll have to use an input method native to Windows Mobile. Based on the cellular network the P505 is designed for, my guess is that you will not see this device on the Verizon CDMA network, but may see it on Cingular or T-Mobile.

Click the post title for the full story from Brighthand.

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