Thursday, December 16, 2004

Firefox ad hits NYT

Wow, what a movement! If you're a regular reader, you know I just switched my web browser to the open source Mozilla Firefox browser. You can get Firefox by clicking the Firefox button on the right side of this page. Mozilla took in over $250k in donations to garner a two page New York Times ad:

"Today our community has raised its voice loudly and clearly to say to the world: There is an alternative: Mozilla Firefox!
And what 11,000,000 of us already know, we want the rest of the world to know. Thousands of us rallied together in 10 short days to pull off the largest open source fundraising campaign in history. And today, we can see the result of our efforts.
We're on two full pages in The New York Times because our message is big — much bigger than the ad itself. This is just the precursor to what will become a broadening campaign of Firefox advocacy throughout the world."

Talk about support! But then, they really have a great product. Perhaps a comparison of Internet Explorer and Firefox is overdue for this site? Stay tuned.

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