Wednesday, December 08, 2004

First eBook on the Cybook

As part of my Bookeen Cybook review, I've purchased my first eBook in the Mobipocket Reader format. I purchased "Jarka Ruus" from one of my favorite authors, Terry Brooks. Mobipocket handles DRM encryption differently from Palm's eReader, which is what I'm generally used to. For eReader books, you unlock the book with the credit card information you used to purchase the book. I like this method as my credit card numbers are specific to me. For Mobipocket books, you enter the device's PID or Personal ID. Each device that runs the Mobipocket software has a unique PID.

My purchase from ebookmall was painless; generally the same as any other on line transacation although I had to enter my Cybook's PID on the order form. My book sale was charged to a credit card and I was able to download the file. Once I had the file, I used a multi-format card reader to transfer the book to a Compact Flash card. I popped the CF card in to the Cybook, opened the Mobipocket Reader application and saw my book in the "library". A simple tap and I was reading my new book. Overall, the process was painless and simple. For the next book, I will try using either the built in modem in the Cybook or the USB cable with my ActiveSync connection. I would say more, but I have an eBook to read!

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