Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Is MOOL designed to tackle Mozilla?

Hot the heels of the Microsoft Desktop Search comes Microsoft Office Outlook Live aka: MOOL. MOOL is expected as a subscription service that allows for other Microsoft based e-mail, contacts and calendar items to integrate into Outlook 2003.
Similar to the Outlook Connector add-in to Outlook, other messaging services could be added later, extending the use of Outlook for mobile e-mail users.

Although Microsoft isn't publicly expressing concern with the recent Mozilla releases of Firefox and Thunderbird, I have to wonder if they have seen what I have: a calendar and other related projects on the Mozilla site. Sure it makes sense to build upon the MSN infrastructure, but in the end, better apps will win out. Free doesn't hurt either.

"As Microsoft endeavors to broaden its MSN reach through added consumer services such as e-mail and search tools, MOOL brings these efforts full circle into Redmond's prized Office System. MOOL connects Hotmail and MSN mail accounts to Outlook and provides synchronization of e-mail, contacts, calendar entries and tasks.
But unlike its Outlook Connector predecessor, which is available only as a feature of MSN Premium, MOOL will be offered as a separate subscription service to all Outlook users. A final launch of MOOL with public availability is expected in early 2005.

Full story
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