Thursday, December 16, 2004

Last Firefox plug

I'll stop, I promise. If you want to use an inferior browser, far be it from me to tell you that Firefox is better than IE. I don't care if your browser continues to get attacked on what appears to be weekly identification of security holes, it's really your call.

All kidding aside, I know I've been on a Firefox kick lately, but it's just that good. To officially end the Firefox plugs (at least for a few days!), I'll leave off with a fantastic in-depth review of the application from InformationWeek:

"Firefox 1.0 offers everything most people need to browse the Web, in a way you're apt to like better than Internet Explorer.
In recent years, Microsoft — which once tirelessly strove to improve Web browsing — has fallen asleep on its laurels. After all, there's no real money to be gained from improving Internet Explorer. And since IE is bundled with Windows, the market-share mountain is so steep that few competitors have risen to the challenge.
Well, score one for open source, because Firefox is a triumph of the alternative development model, and a truly a great Web browser. With this 1.0 release, Mozilla has shown that the impossible can happen."

As always, click the post title for the full article.

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