Wednesday, December 22, 2004

New input method for Pocket PC's

Microth, Inc. released a new input method keyboard today. Unlike a FITALY keyboard, this one is based on the standard QWERTY typing layout. The difference is that there are less keys because up to four characters are on each key. In order to "type" one of the four characters, you tap the key and then drag the stylus in the direction of the charcter. Example: to type a "q", you tap the key with the "q" on it and then drag the stylus to the lower left of th key. The lower left quadrant is where the "q" is on that key.

* Some of advantages of Claviature include: Large Keys: Keys of Claviature are in about 6 times larger then keys of regular on-screen keyboards. They are even larger then keys of full screen keyboards. That provides easy and fast access to keys and makes comfortable not only pen, but also finger input. Especially, for women's long nails.
* Small Footprint: Claviature occupies a small amount of screen space and provides unobscured access to Pocket PC applications. It's an ideal input solution for phones' small screens.
* Language Support: Claviature supports provides text input in many world languages. You can download language layouts for about 60 languages at Claviature supports several language layouts simultaneously.
* Usability: Claviature doesn't requires any training. It provides standard international layouts with familiar symbol placement, dead-keys and Alt-Grey layouts.
* Customization: You can customize Claviature's keycaps: background, fonts and their sizes and colors.
* System Requirements: Claviature is a native PPC Soft Input Panel (SIP) and works on Pocket PC 2002, 2003, 2003SE (including HiRes).

Click the post title for more information on Claviture.

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