Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Omea Reader free until 1/1/05

Looking for an RSS reader? How about a newsgroup reader? What if you needed a bookmark manager for your browser? Better yet: what if all of these features were available in one product and that product was free? Good news: this product does exist as Omea Reader and if you act quickly, you can get a license for free from JetBrains. Omea Reader also adds advanced search features to quickly find information from clippings you have pulled down.

Omea Reader is a unique "Personal Reading Environment" that does away with the need for separate programs to handle different kinds of on-line information such as web pages, internet newsgroups, and RSS and Atom feeds. Now you can work with all these different types of information in one unified interface.
Omea Reader is also part information organizer... a "Personal Information Environment", if you will. With Omea Reader you can organize internet information resources stored on your computer in ways that are meaningful to you, rather than to your computer's operating system or some application program. You can organize information in-flows according to your daily activities, current projects, people you connect with, etc.

Omea Reader is also available in a Pro version that costs $49. The Pro version adds MS Outlook integration, contact and task management as well as local file indexing. No word on the cost of the currently free version after 1/1. Click the post title for more information.

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