Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Plea for Help #2 = Handhelds for Troops

Sorry for the back-to-back requests, but we can't always predict when someone is in need. I just got word today that my best friend is about to be activated for active duty in the Reserves. He will be overseas, although I'm not yet sure where. I'm working with him & his wife to see how I can help in his absence and one of the things we spoke of was equipping him with some digital "gear"; specifically a handheld device.

It just so happens that I traded up from my Toshiba e805 to my Dell Axim X50v a few weeks back. I literally planned to take pics of the Tosh tonight and put it up on eBay, but all that has changed. I'll be giving him my Tosh as a donation and token of my appreciation for what he's doing. I personally don't believe we should be doing everything we're doing overseas, but that doesn't diminish the appreciation I have for our Armed Forces.

I plan to teach him how to use the Tosh for e-mail, task management, contact management, picture viewing, web surfing and more. My hope is that the device will give him a digital link back home through some type of networked connection. So, what's the plea for help? Good question! Click Read More to continue.

As I thought this situation through during dinner this evening, I realized there must be thousands of "digital techies" in active duty right now that could use a similar set up. My thought is: why not start a collection of used but usable PDA's and other handheld devices to help keep the troops in touch with their families? I don't know if anyone else is doing this and I'm not sure how I would work out the logistics, but I'm going to pursue it.

If you, or anyone you know, has a handheld device that they would contribute, please let me know via e-mail. In the meantime, I'll start contacting folks in the Red Cross, the Armed Services and other organizations to see how we can get these contributions to those in need and those with the knowledge to use them. This will be a grass roots effort for sure, but I can't think of better way for the "digital world" to show appreciation for our troops. More to follow, and suggestions are welcome!

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