Wednesday, December 08, 2004

PPC....Take a memo....

Have you ever wanted to dictate your thoughts and have them transcribed? I mean without another person involved. You can do it: with Dragon's Naturally Speaking application! As you regular "digital world'rs" already know, I don't go anywhere without my Windows Mobile handheld device. All I need is a voice recognition application and I'm in business; I just speak my random blathering and WHOOP, there it is!

Brad Issac, over at Pocket PC Addict has provided a highly informative review of Dragon's Naturally Speaking.:
"What would you do if you could cut the amount of time you spend every day typing e-mails, making forum posts, typing in reports and otherwise putting fingers to keyboard to communicate your message? For several years there have been companies such as IBM and ScanSoft whose aim has been to allow you to simply talk into a microphone and have that voice translated into text. Considering you can speak at hundreds words a minute, the potential of getting more work done in a shorter period of time is phenomenal. Writing the Great American novel while you sit back in your chair (or even lying flat on a bed) with eyes closed, hands at your side, while playing music into your headphones would suddenly become within the grasp of just about every person...literate or not." saves time, doesn't give me Carpal Tunnel syndrome and is super fast....hmmmm...a no brainer to me! Click the post title for Brad's informative review. Maybe I'll download a demo and dictate my next "digital world" post! ;>)

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