Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Site updates

I've made some additions to the site and wanted to share:

I've added a new link to the Websites I Visit section: Paul's Blog. Paul is a talented peer at work and provides a unique perspective on tech and on just about everything else he writes. A constant tinkerer and tech integrator, Paul has some cool observations to share. Paul is also an avid cyclist and huge supporter of charities like the American Diabetes Association.

I've also added two buttons to the right bottom section of the site, both are single clicks to get Firefox or Thunderbird from Mozilla. I'm officially abandoning all browsing and e-mail via Microsoft clients. Having used both Mozilla products, my opinion is that they are much better and much safer for my needs. I strongly consider you to give them a chance as they provide many great features that Internet Explorer and Outlook \ Outlook Express do not have. You have nothing to lose because they are free and you can always do what I did: run them in parallel to their Microsoft competitors for a few weeks. Try it and then decide. Until I see something that wows me from Microsoft, I say: "Make mine Mozilla!"

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