Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Sorry Skype, I'm not in

In October, Skype logged over 1,000,000 simultaneous users, which is an incredible accomplishment. In case you missed it, Skype is a viable peer to peer phone system that can be used with a desktop, laptop or handheld PC. So what happens if someone "Skype's" you when your PC isn't on? Enter the Skype Answering Machine (SAM):

According to jkOnTheRun: "SAM is a totally free utility that works with most PCs and requires a compatible sound card and an active logged in Skype account. This is way cool and terribly useful if you Skype much." SAM provides some great features such as these and more::
One click return dialing
Test message notification to callers

Skype Answering Machine is a great third party application that doesn't require you to be connected to the web in order to be connected to your friends. Or your enemies for that matter! If you have an account and see me online, Skype me at: "KevinCTofel". If I'm not in, just leave a message with SAM.

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