Thursday, December 02, 2004

Swoosh! A great example of digital mobility

Every so often I see an excellent approach that applies digital technology to what is traditionally a non-technical task. "Swoosh!" is a great example:

As you can probably guess from the screenshot, this software is a basketball statistic tracker to collect and review stats. There are versions of the software that runs on Pocket PC's, Tablet PC's, desktops and notebooks. Think about it: instead of a traditional clipboard and many pages of paper to scribble your stats on, you have the clean screen shown above on a handheld Pocket PC. Just tap here and there and at the end of the game, you've got everything you need visually. What a great tool to show an individual player where he or she made (or missed) the highest percentage of shots, for example! For the Larry Bird's of the world, there is a trial of the software available from the developer; just click on the post title for more information.

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