Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Thunderbird 1.0 launches

About two weeks ago, I posted how I was going to try Mozilla's Thunderbird e-mail client. I've run it in parallel to both Outlook and Outlook Express; everyone should have a set up where they read the same e-mail on 3 different clients! I've been thoroughly impressed with Thunderbird's version 0.9 and now Mozilla has released version 1.0!

The download of Thunderbird is 5.9 MB and is available by clicking on this post title. Some of the many great features include:
A built in Junk Mail filtering mechanism to help you weed out that SPAM.
Complete customization in how you want to view your mail.
Themes and add-on extensions for additional functionality.
RSS subscription feed support.
Outstanding strong security features.
An intuitive and feature packed address book.

For Windows Mobile users looking to use ActiveSync to get e-mail or contacts: you're out of luck at this point, but the pros of Thunderbird far outweigh the cons in my few weeks of use, so today's slogan is: "Make Mine Mozilla!"

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