Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Blogging through e-mail

Ok, I don't often rant but I think I'm entitled in this case.

One of the great aspects about blogging is that you can generally do so anywhere & anytime you have an internet connection. If not directly through whatever interface your blog uses, you can usually find other options. Some include audio blogging through a cell-phone, others are through a third party add on, whatever. One of my options is via e-mail. I just type up the post in a note and send it to a specific mailbox....at least that's how it is SUPPOSED to work.

At this point, I'll do the decent thing and give you a way to opt out of my rant. Click "Read More" only if you want to hear my soapbox...

This morning before work, I was in e-mail writing notes to myself about some future posts. One of them was about the PCMCIA organization and their new ExpressCard for notebooks and PC's. Since my thoughts were flowing in the e-mail, I just wrote up the post on the fly, ran my spell check program and hit Send. I figured it would be a very timely post.

As I often do, I submitted the same stories for another site I write for: in this case it was both the "Mobile Lifestyle" and the "Hardware Help" channels of Lockergnome, where I am a daily contributor. Later in the day, I saw both stories on Lockergnome. Being a good little blogger, I checked my own site when I got home from work, but: NO STORY!!!

At this point, everyone else has covered the same story so the timeliness is somewhat lost. I'm sure the story will show up; after all, it can't be in the same place that the single sock goes to in the dryer, can it?

Well, enough ranting. All in all, the Blogger service I use is fairly reliable so I suppose I shouldn't complain. My only issue is that you really can't advertise or support a full featured product if only 80% of the features work. I'll do the right thing and contact Blogger on the issue. I believe in giving everyone their fair chance to resolve a problem. In the meantime, click on the post title for the story I published 12 hours ago. Aside from my blogging interface issues, the new ExpressCard story is a big one and will impact notebooks for several years to come.

Thanks for listening....

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