Monday, January 03, 2005

Buy Pocket PC Magazine!

Look for the Feb\March 2005 issue on your newsstand soon. Digital and print subscribers may have already received their issue at this point, and they have already seen what I have seen: a great tutorial on how to synch Podcasts to your Pocket PC or Windows Mobile device! What's so great about the tutorial? Hmm....let's see...I'll turn to pages 82 & 83 here.....give me a second. OK, here we go: the article is titled "Podcasting: Listen to Audio Web Logs on your Pocket PC!". Sounds promising so far. What's's the byline: "by Kevin C. Tofel". Hey, I know that guy! Actually if you're reading this post then you know that guy too! Yup, the tutorial I wrote in October showed up in print this month at Pocket PC Magazine! I suppose I could put the text here for you to read, but hey, that doesn't sell magazines, now does it? ;>)

In all seriousness, Pocket PC magazine is a great bi-monthly reference for the handheld toting crowd. A 1 year subscription costs $19.95 and can be received digitally through Zinio Reader or in print. Check out the new issue when it hits the stands and shoot me your feedback, both positive and negative.

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