Monday, January 31, 2005

Can you "Digg" it?

I've recently seen a nice spike in my traffic due to one of the best kept secrets on the web: OK, maybe it's not a secret to you, but it was to me! For those not "in the know", let me tell you some more about Digg takes the responsibility off of a web site editor to decide what information is important and puts the burden where it's most appropriate: the readers! Here's a diagram of how it works with more information after the "Read More" jump:

Straight from the FAQ's, here's the concept:

"(1) The user submits a story to the "hardware" category. (2) The story is then filed into the "dig" area of hardware. (3) Users on the site see the story, and several of them click "dig this story" - giving the article +15 digs. (4) Due to its popularity, digg removes the story from the dig area, and promotes it to the home and category pages."

You can even allow other Digg users to view your profile which tells them which stories you have been reading. Full RSS support of stories and profiles is available as well.

This approach allows the readers to determine what is of value to read and what is not. It's a great approach and one that I'm appreciative that one of my stories was "dug" so much! I'll be adding to the list of sites I hit on daily basis and see what else the "diggers" recommend!

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