Thursday, January 20, 2005

Geekzone summarizes Feb PPCMag issue

Geekzone is another one of those "must hit daily" sites. In fact, I'll get them added to the sidebar for you later. Based out of New Zealand, Geekzone covers all sorts of mobile gadgets and technology. Today I noticed that they are one of the first sites to preview the new issue of PocketPC Magazine; here's an excerpt:

"The built-in Pocket Excel spreadsheet on your Pocket PC does not have all the features of Excel on your desktop PC. PlanMaker 2004 is a spreadsheet application for the Pocket PC, yet with all the features of a desktop spreadsheet program. Read a review of PlanMaker 2004 by John D. Ottini. John also reviews Uti-Planner, a PIM application with five software components: Schedule, Tasks, Contacts, Notes, and Journal. You can also read a review of the Britannica Concise Encyclopedia for Pocket PC. Diane Dumas went to the CTIA wireless conference in San Francisco, and report on the latest gadgets and applications that she saw at the show. Kevin C. Tofel introduces us to Podcasting, a system which enables you to listen to audio Web logs (blogs) on your Pocket PC."

Hey, I know that guy! Thanks for the mention Geekzone! ;>) Since this is my first print publication, do you think I'll milk this one for a month...umm...probably!

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