Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Healthcare hearts the iPod

I don't have an iPod because I went the Dell DJ route for my digital audio. I'm starting to question this, however since the iPod seems so much more extensible. Take the folks at OsiriX for example. They created a way for healthcare professionals to view medical images on the iPod according to eWeek:

"Two radiologists recently developed open-source software, called OsiriX, to display and manipulate complex medical images on the popular portable devices called iPods. The motivation for OsiriX came from problems storing images at work. "I never have enough space on my disk, no matter how big my disk is—I always need more space," he [Osman Ratib] said. "One day I realized, I have an iPod that has 40GB of storage on it. It's twice as big as my disk on my laptop, and I'm using only 10 percent of it for my music. So why don't I use it as a hard disk for storing medical images?"

More often than not, the basic technical tools are offered from the large companies like Apple, Microsoft and the like. It's the people like you and me that are the catalysts to extend and customize these tools to meet our own specific needs. It's always nice when these extensions even have the power to save lives!

Click the post title for the full story.
Thanks to Barb for the heads up!

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