Monday, January 17, 2005

Iggy's quest for Bootstrapping

Now that I'm a Tablet PC user, I've been hitting some great sites that cover Tablet PC's and how to be productive with a tablet. One of those sites was TabletPCHep!, which was an informative blog run by Iggy Kin. According to jkOTR, Iggy has morphed TabletPCHep! into a new blog called "Bootstrapped" which you can reach by clicking the post title.

Iggy is taking a very unique (and dare I say it, a very "tablet" approach) to blogging. Using productivity software such as Microsoft OneNote 2003 and his tablet PC, Iggy is creating his blog with the digital ink inherent in tablets. This picture provides an example from Bootstrapped to show how Iggy is brainstorming his blog in his own natural handwriting.

Each of Iggy's posts give you an idea of his recent thoughts, but the real strength in his approach is that he has detailed notes on each post available in either a Microsoft Word doc or a Microsoft OneNote notepage. This is a powerful, collaborative combination of both blogging and Tablet PC usage; I look forward to watching Bootstrapping evolve and I hope you do as well.

As a sidenote: I used my Tablet PC, digital pen and the Microsoft Snipping Tool (a free Power Toy) to capture the image from Iggy's site.

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At 1/17/2005 4:04 PM, Blogger James Kendrick said...

Don't forget you can also snip from drirectly within OneNote. Right-click on the OneNote SideNote icon in the system tray and select snip. You can use the pen or just snip a rectangle of anything and put it automatically into OneNote. Cool, huh?


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